Anti Icky Poo

Mistermax Anti Icky Poo Scented Ecofriendly odor removal product aimed to eradicate ODOR contamination from pets or humans, effective on carpet, furniture, mattress, pillow, tile, grout, urinals and more, Mistermax anti-icky-poo will eliminate cat urine, dog urine, vomit or any rotting organic material.


Professional Urine Detector "UV-Light" Ultraviolet light for detecting humans or pet urine on mattress, carpet, upholstery also examine cash, credit cards for authentication. Check hotel bedding for funky mess, Law enforcement agency use it for skimming the crime scene.


Odor Injector "Get to source the of the Odor" Perfect solution to deliver anti icky poo powerful enzymes right to the source of the stink, carpet underlay, furniture padding, mattress, pillow or hard to reach spots, also known as carpet injector , professional carpet cleaners used this product to inject deodorizers into carpet pad/subfloor.

About Us

Since time immemorial, human beings have kept pets and the trend is likely to go on for as long as the situations continue to allow for the same. It is however important to understand that keeping pets in our homes comes with some level of sacrifice from the pet owner in order to accommodate the demands and needs of the pets. Cleanliness is an inevitable virtue that we must live up to in our homes regardless of the fact that we may keep some messy pets such as cats, dogs among many others.

The main reason behind the creation of our website and company is to ensure that the co-existence between pets and the other occupants of our homes remains conducive for all the parties involved. It is in this spirit that we have labored to come up with solutions that can ensure that any mess created by our pets within and around the home can be adequately taken care of.

Among the most prominent of the cleaning agents that we would like to bring to your attention is the Anti-Icky-Poo. This product besides being a magical solution to any unpleasant odors that may come about as a result of the mess created by our domestic pets also works regardless of the effects of any previously used cleaning agents.

After carrying out extensive research and tests about the bad stench that seems to linger around our homes thanks to the pets, our researchers came to realize that the main reason behind the failure of so many cleaning agents to deliver the desired results comes about as a result of their in ability to work in the presence of hitherto applied cleaning agents.

After coming to this conclusion, our company endeavored to come up with Anti-icky-Poo which is an agent that will give superb results even is situations where other enzyme based solutions may have been used without success. This should give many people who would like to keep pets but shy away from doing so due to the fear of bad odors and stains that will accompany the pets a good reason to get their desired pets knowing well that the stains and bad odors will be well taken care of.

Stains from pet related waste are a common feature for anyone who has kept pets. It is therefore very important to get a cleaning agent that can help remove all these stains without the home owner having to take extra measures. It is in this light that we strive to continue carrying out the important research so as to continue introducing new solutions that will work with as much ease as is required. This is the only way that we can be sure of a good relationship between the pets and home owners.

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