Mistermax Starter Bundle Liter Bottles

Mistermax Starter Bundle Liter Bottles
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Package Consist of:

1 Liter of scented anti-icky-poo

1 liter of urine p-bath

1 liter of stain removal

Cat Hairball Removal

Millions of people around the world absolutely adore their cats but they are also familiar with the issues of hairballs.  They are annoying for owner and certainly uncomfortable for the cat since it’s made of hair and other debris that has compacted in the stomach.  The cat begins to retch in order to cough it up, and it can stain carpeting and furniture, in addition to leaving an odor.  There are several products made especially for cat hairball removal that are effective for removing the stain and the odor.

Commercial Products

There are a variety of commercial products that are made specifically to remove the stains left from the cat’s hairball.

There are several commercial products that have been developed to remove the stains from the worst cat hairballs and leave a more pleasant aroma.  Unfortunately the vomit stains are not often found for several days since the cat’s rarely admit that they’ve left a hairball somewhere in the house.  Most of the time the hairball isn’t noticed and a deep-set stain remain on the carpet.  For best results, clean up as much of the stain as possible, soak the area with the solution, let set for a few minutes, and the stain generally wipes away with a clean cloth.  If the stain has been set for a long period, a heavy bristle brush is recommended to help scrub out the toughest stains.

Natural Products

There are also homemade solutions for removing the stains left by cat hairballs. 

One solution is to cover the damp area with a layer of salt about one-quarter inch thick.  Then the salt will take from 12 to 24 hours to dry depending on how cold and how wet the area is.  After the salt is dried use an old shoe or boot to break up the solidified salt, and brush it into a dustpan or vacuum the remaining salt.  The odor and the stain should be gone.  It can also be sprinkled with baking soda for a fresher smell.

If all this doesn’t work, it is best to go to a commercial service provider.

Source by best pet care solutions in Calgary Alberta.

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