Buy Anti-Icky Poo Fragrance-free One Gallon

Buy Anti-Icky Poo Fragrance-free One Gallon
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MisterMax Unscented One Gallon

Anti-Icky-Poo Fragrance-free integrates the same great urine and odor eradication properties as Anti-Icky-Poo. Due to our fast acting neutralizers bind the odor triggering molecules, reducing their volatility, leaving the region odor free while it is treating. This environmentally friendly product doesn't just mask the odor like other odor removal products. Kid, pet and folks safe.


Dog Walking

With the hectic schedule of most people these days, dog walking can become a problem for those who are not home frequently enough to walk the dog – if the dog doesn’t have a doggie door and backyard to run around in themselves.  And for this reason, many people hire someone to come in and walk their dog during the day. 

There are several things to look for when searching for someone reliable to walk the dog:

  1. They must genuinely love the dogs and enjoy being around the animals.
  2. The dog walker must be reliable and show up when they are expected.
  3. The person should be insured and bonded, and have good recommendations from previous customers.
  4. They must be professional at all times and not under-charge or over-charge the owners for their services.
  5. The dog walker must be calm and efficient and know the basics of first aid for the animals. They must also be able to identify if there is an emergency with the animal, and know what to do immediately.  They should know which veterinarian to take the dog to as well as notify the owner immediately.
  6. They must know how to handle the dog if there are other aggressive animals around or if the dog suddenly turns aggressive to another person or animal.
  7. They must be willing to scoop up the poop and clean any “accidents” that are left in the home while the owner is gone.

One thing that all owners should understand is the number of dogs that the person walking the dog will take at the same time.  Oftentimes, there are multiple customers in the same building who need their dogs walked, and for some walkers taking several of them at a time saves them time and effort, and makes them more money.  Make the expectations clear whether the pet must be walked alone or if it’s acceptable to walk the dog with other neighbor’s pets in the area.

There are some great Calgary dog walking people available to walk the dog who knows how to handle the dog on the leash and reinforce good behavior and apply proper discipline when they are misbehaving.

Source by odor removal Calgary professional and anti icky poo on-line store


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