Scented Liter Package - Uv Light - Carpet Injector - Anti Icky Poo

Scented Liter Package - Uv Light - Carpet Injector - Anti Icky Poo
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Odor remover kit

1 Black light "Find odor Source

2 Scented liters of ANTI-ICKY-POO "spray the surface"

1 odor injector "Get to source"


Pet Care Calgary

Everyone always forms an amazing bond with their pets, and when they must leave home for business trips or holidays, they want to know that their pets are receiving the same loving care that they would provide themselves.  Pet Care Calgary has some highly rated pet sitters that will allow the owners to leave home fully comfortable in knowing that their pets are receiving the best of care.


For those who have never used a pet care service, there are several things to inquire about when talking to the pet care service:

  1. Can they provide valid referrals with names and contact information for previous customers who have used their service?
  2. Are they trained in first aid for the pet, and do they know what to do if the pet is injured or ill?
  3. Are they able to get the pet to the preferred veterinarian if something happens to the pet?
  4. How many times a day will they go by to ensure the pet has sufficient food, water, is walked, and receiving loving and gentle attention?
  5. Do they know how to handle behavioral problems in the pet, such as barking, chewing, or other destructive behavior because the owners are gone?
  6. Have they ever been complaints about them when taking care of someone’s pet?

There are a variety of pet care services available including those who come into the home where the pet is staying to ensure the animal is fed and watered, and receiving sufficient attention to those who simply come by during the day to walk the pet when the owners are working.

There are also pet care services in Calgary where the pets can be boarded while the owner is away.  Make sure to thoroughly check out the facility and get references from prior pet owners who have used their facility.  Verify that it is clean, and confirm that they only accept pets that are fully vaccinated.

There are some excellent Pet Care Calgary businesses that will provide wonderful care for the pets while the owner is at work or traveling.  Check them out for the next holiday or business trip.

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