Unscented Five Liters - Odor Injector - Urine Finder - Anti-Icky-Poo

Unscented Five Liters - Odor Injector - Urine Finder - Anti-Icky-Poo
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Perfume Free one Gallon and 1 liter Anti Icky Poo "odor removal products" kit

1 Urine Finder "Black light"

Carpet Injector whole set

Pet Grooming Calgary

There are a variety of Pet Grooming Calgary shops in Calgary, but there are some things that consumers need to know when looking for a groomer for their pet:

  • Be sure to look for the credentials for the groomers.  A master groomer will have certifications posted which determine that their skills have been tested against national standards for grooming.
  • Find out how much training and experience their grooms have and which breeds they are more proficient in working with.  If their groomers have not had a specific number of hours training on how to handle a specific breed, keep on looking for another one.  It’s easy for anyone to get a book on grooming, a pair of clippers, and a comb and say they are a dog groomer, but that doesn’t mean they have the right experience.
  • There are a variety of professional grooming associations that many groomers belong to and it’s best to get recommendations for the groomers from these associations, friends, and breeders who know the groomers.
  • Make sure that the grooming salon requires all animals to be current on their shots, and do not allow any animals to be groomed that have outdated shots.
  • Take to the groomer and find out what they do to handle dogs that are nervous, misbehaving, aggressive, or fearful.  For pet owners who know their pet is aggressive, they must inform the groomer before brining in the animal.
  • Find out what type of shampoos they use, particularly if the animal has allergies to specific chemicals or plants. 
  • Determine what skills the groomer has if there is an emergency with the pet during the grooming process.  Verify that a veterinarian is available if there is an emergency with the pet and determine how quickly they would inform the owner.

Pay attention to the animal’s behavior when the grooming session is completed.  Make sure they have no cuts or injuries and watch for a demand to get out of there or fear going on for the next trip.  There are some great Pet Grooming Calgary shops that do an excellent job on the pets, and provide great services.

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