Odor Removal Starter Kit Liter Bottles Plus Package

Odor Removal Starter Kit Liter Bottles Plus Package
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Included in Package:

1 Liter of scented anti icky poo

1 Liter of p-bath

1 liter of Mistermax stain removal 

1 complete carpet injector set


Pet Harness

There are many pet owners who prefer a pet harness instead of a dog collar.  There are several different types that are suitable for an assortment of needs.  For some people the harness makes them feel like they have better control over the pet and that it’s more comfortable for the pet as well. 


These harnesses are particularly good for puppies when they are beginning their training because there are much fewer injuries to their necks with a harness than with a collar.  It’s much easier for the dog to have the pressure applied to their chest and belly area than their throats, and they aren’t as prone to fight a harness than they are a leash at the beginning because it’s more comfortable for them.


There are also harnesses available that are designed specifically for the use in the car.  These harnesses make it a lot safer for the dog in the car to prevent them from moving around inside the car and distracting the driver.  In case of a car wreck these harnesses work like seat belts and prevent the animal from being tossed around the car; even minor accidents can injure the pet.  In addition, if there is a wreck, it helps the rescue workers in assisting the passengers and preventing the animal from running out of the car.  Either way, the dog is safer and protected.

Picking the Right Harness

If the owner can’t take the pet to the store, there are some recommendations for measuring the dog to ensure a proper fit:

  • With flexible measuring tape, measure around the body just behind the front legs and make a note of the circumference to identify the number of inches around the harness must be. 
  • Measure around the dog’s neck.  It’s not always necessary with some styles, but it could save another trip to the store.
  • Measure the width of the dog’s chest.

Be aware that harnesses are manufactured in different designs, so pick the most comfortable design for the pet.

When looking for a pet harness, there are many styles and brands, and there’s certainly one that will provide the most comfort and best fit for the animal.


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