MisterMax Stain Removal One Litre

MisterMax Stain Removal One Litre
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Best Pet Stain Spot Elimination

MisterMax Stain Remover is environmentally friendly is the absolute best Stain eliminator on the market. Whether you have urine stain, feces, vomit, hairballs, blood, oils, grease and more! One Litre.

Blood Stain Removal


There are many stains that are difficult to remove, but in general, most people would agree that blood stain removal is probably at the top of the list of the most difficult.  Depending on the material, it ranges from impossible to remove to merely difficult and the first step is determining the type of material.


Homemade Products

For the non-washable fibers such as wool, rayon, or silk carpets, the best method is to begin removing it as soon as it’s gotten on the carpet, since this is the most difficult to remove.  One method is to use a sponge with cold water and using light strokes and working outward from the middle of the stain to remove it.  If the blood is still wet, this is probably the most convenient method.  If the stain remains, there are various products that are available that are especially made for wool carpets.  Keep blotting the stain with a dry pad and then rinse with cold water again until it’s removed.

For washable fibers such as acrylic, cotton, nylon add one-half teaspoon of detergent that is specific for carpets and add one tablespoon of ammonia and soak for 15 minutes.  Gently use a towel or absorbent pad to blot up the moisture and continue until the stain is gone.  Be sure to rinse it well with water to remove any of the residual ammonia.

Blood Stain Removal by Professionals

If you feel that the above-mentioned processes are far too complicated, you can go to the professionals. If your carpet bears the stains of the blood, then it is important that instead of doing things yourself and ruining the carpet, you take it to the carpet cleaners.

Whenever there are blood stains from the pets, there are several blood stain removal products also that are effective at cleaning the area and removing the stain.

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