Anti-Icky-Poo Pre-Treatment One Gallon

Anti-Icky-Poo Pre-Treatment One Gallon
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Odor Pre-treatment and Conditioner One Gallon

The P-Bath Pre-Treatment is generally used only if you have tried to remove the odor or stain with a prior disinfectant. This urine pre-treatment helps counteract other chemicals and sanitizers. Anti-Icky-Poo P-Bath Pre-Treatment is an exceptional product designed to deactivate the acids in your Rug, mattress or carpet proceeding to treatment with Anti-Icky-Poo P-Bath. One gallon.

Many folks have tried products from corner stores or perfumed products that simply disguise over the pet smells when trying to remove dog Urine Stains and Odors. The P-Bath Pre-Treatment eliminates the acids and odors those products cause so that the Anti-Icky-Poo can eliminate the pet stains and odors.


Dog Constipation

Just like in a human, constipation means that the animal has infrequent or difficult defecation, or in extreme cases, none at all.  Also, just like humans, dog constipation can be painful and cause the dog to suffer.


There are a variety of reasons that dogs can become constipated.  Certainly older dogs, just like humans, are more prone to constipation, and in most cases it’s because they are not drinking enough water.  Even when they are slightly dehydrated, that means the moisture is no present in the colon, which in turn dehydrates the feces and makes them harder and more difficult to expel.

For some animals, constipation is caused because they have eaten something that they shouldn’t have.  Paper, cloth, plastic, grass, and assorted foods that cannot be fully digested properly and mix with the feces to form a mass in the colon.

In addition, if the dog is on medication for an illness, the medication often causes constipation.  Also if they are left in an unfamiliar place, they often resist the urge to defecate and the bowels become harder over a period of time.


For older dogs that are simply not drinking enough water, it’s often helpful to soak their food in water and let it stand for 15 minutes to ensure they are getting more water.   If the dog is eating something that is causing the constipation, make sure that these unhealthy materials are no longer accessible to the animal.  Make sure they have dog-specific treats that are healthy and will keep them busy from seeking other objects to chew.

If the dog is not getting outside enough and are voluntarily retaining their feces, walking them more frequently is recommended.  If the dog is being boarded and holding their feces, the attending veterinarian may recommend a mild laxative be given to the dog.


The best way to prevent dog constipation is to make sure they have plenty of water, frequent exercise, and additional fiber in the diet for older dogs.  Talk to the veterinarian if the constipation is caused by medication and determine if there are alternatives that will stop the problem, or recommend laxatives.

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