Professional Urine Detector Powerful100 led

Professional Urine Detector Powerful100 led
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One package of 100 led Uv-light


Urine Finder Black Light

Ever had a room that just smells horrible from pet urine, but the location of the urine is just not obvious.  One way to effectively find the location is to use a urine finder black light.  The reason these products work is because when the urine dries, it crystallizes, and under a black Ultraviolet light it gives off a fluorescent yellowish color.

There are a variety of these products on the market that are great for finding the dried urine and treating the area with natural or commercial products to remove the odor.

  • Best Pet Care Solutions Urine Finder – this product contains a mini LED black light that when shown on the carpet, the dried urine fluoresces.  It uses four AA batteries and is great to take when hunting for a new house to determine if there are pet stains.  It’s priced under $14.
  • Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector – This product weighs 8.8 ounces and makes it easy to detect old and new urine spots on carpets, wooden floors, upholstery, and other surfaces.  The black light bulb lasts up to 5000 hours and it runs on eight AA batteries.  This product is priced less than $27.
  • UV/LED Urine Stain Detector Light – this product has a long-life high quality bulb that has a 10,000 hour guarantee, and it’s built out of long-lasting aluminum.  It is light weight and easy to use.  It’s priced just under $50.
  • Ultraviolet UV Flashlight – this product has an LED UV black light and is made out of high quality aluminum.  It runs on one AA battery, and is lightweight and compact.  It’s a great tool for detection of pet urine.  This product is priced just under $70.
  • UV Inspection Lamp – is a four watt shadow-box-style UV light that uses a 1.5-volt AA alkaline battery and has an AC adapter for extended use.  It’s priced just under $70.

Regardless of where the pet urine is located, there are assorted urine finder black lights that are very effective for finding the site that is emitting the odor.  The black ultraviolet light makes it easy to spot which allows treatment of the area to remove the odor.

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